Women's Sobriety Fest

Saturday, September 26, 2020

9 am - 4 pm MDT

via Zoom

Free Registration - soon


Mission Statement

The New Mexico Women's Sobriety Fest is an all-day event with the purpose of celebrating women in sobriety. This event will offer a variety of opportunities for all to participate in service, fellowship, and the spirit of recovery. NMAAWSF is organized yearly by a rotating body of committee members. 

The committee is governed by the principles and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

7th Tradition - Self Supporting

The Women's Sobriety Fest is an all day annual women's speaker panel meeting that is self-supporting through registration fees, raffles and donations. The Fest is a special event which requires months of planning and preparation that is done by many wonderful women who volunteer their time and experience. All donations go towards paying expenses and seed money for next year's Sobriety Fest.

After all expenses have been paid and seed money replenished, all excess funds are distributed in accordance with the guidelines set forth by AA's GSO (General Service Office) to the Circle of Love.


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